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10 Module Course

This is a hands-on practical Orthognathic Course with an emphasis on the hard-soft tissue planning for excellent surgical and orthodontic outcomes. We take you through each case, demonstrating the step- by-step planning of a wide variety of clinical presentations. Included are live video theatre recordings of surgical techniques.

The course is delivered by Mr. Heliotis, internationally acclaimed Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, in conjunction with a faculty of expert Consultant Orthodontist colleagues, all of whom have a wealth of experience in the orthodontic management of orthognathic cases.

Introduction from the Institute Director

A Introductory Video from the Institute Director, Manolis Heliotis, about what to expect from this course - the Virtual International Orthognathic Masterclasses (Modules 1-10).

The Course Synopsis

This course will present actual patient vignettes from joint orthognathic clinics by way of video recording, going through the history and examination, followed by a case discussion and Visual Treatment Objective (VTO) formulation in an MDT setting. 

There are videos recordings of some surgical techniques.

Course participants will need to have the following items for the hands on planning:

1. Tracing paper, an HB pencil or softer, ideally a red pencil (not essential but makes the design clearer), sharpener and eraser. A ruler or ideally an orthodontic stencil.

2. You will need to print out the Lateral Ceph tracings of the cases to be planned with each module provided. This is for the practical hands on section of each module.

The course will attract 16.2 hours of verifiable CPD, certificates for which will be provided at the end after completion of the online course.

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Shaping Faces.

Changing Lives.

The course organiser, Mr Heliotis has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, United Kingdom Orthognathic practices, receiving cases every year from both national and international sources. Mr Heliotis has spent over 150 hours of preparation to deliver these 10 Modules that amount to over 20 hours of training distilled for you in an engaging manner. 

Mr Heliotis has enlisted the expertise of 9 nationally respected colleagues to ensure the efficacy of this an interactive, practical hands on course. The emphasis is on cosmetically and functionally excellent outcomes.